“Keep in Mind Our Party's Founding Mission" —— Celebration of the 98th Anniversary of the Founding of the CPC & the 2nd Party Knowledge Contest of China Hi-Tech Group
发布者:亚博体育注册链接 2019/07/02

To celebrate the 98th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), the Party Branch of China Hi-Tech Group Co., Ltd. (China Hi-Tech Group) held the 2nd Party Knowledge Contest of China Hi-Tech Group on July 2. All Party members, the activists of party application and part of the masses participated in the campaign.

The contest adopted an original approach by combining "viewing" with "answering". With a focus on the Party's founding mission, the contest has selected topics with contemporary significance, such as anti-corruption and anti-drug. In the meantime, the contest took contestants back to history to review the hard fight of CPC during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. The contest adopted the team-point system and included quick response questions and risk questions. A total of 21 contestants participated in the contest and were divided into 7 teams. The contestants watched TV series and film works featuring revolutionary spirit and heroism (In the Name of People, The Thunder and highlights of classic old films). After such shows and works were played, a round of contest was held. 

During the contest, the contestants watched with whole attention and learned about their spirits contained. In the Name of People has not only reflected the complexity, arduousness and multi-sidedness of the fight against corruption at present but also raised it to the height of anti-corruption relying on culture, law and system, fully showing the Party's steadfast determination to fight against corruption and a good image of people's prosecutors who are impartial in law enforcement. As a criminal drama about drug enforcement, The Thunder has reproduced the whole process of uncovering an extraordinarily serious drug manufacturing and trafficking case in Asia by the Guangdong Public Security Department in 2013. It has revealed the complex drug manufacturing and operation mode in the "No. 1 drug manufacturing village" and showed the determination and efforts of the government to control drug and praised the spirit of frontline narcotics police who uphold justice and are not afraid of sacrifice. Moreover, the review of the classic films about the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression reminded the Party members of never forgetting the national humiliation and remembering the history.

The intense contest lasted for over an hour. The atmosphere was serious and active. Contestants actively answered questions and fully showed the spirit of teamwork and the mien of Party members in a new era. Finally, Weiqi Yang, member of the Party Committee of Founder Group, and Yiran Zhu, Secretary of the Party Branch of China Hi-Tech Group, gave summary speeches. They affirmed the form and content of the contest and emphasized that Party members should inherit and carry forward fine traditions and styles of work of the Party, implement in depth the guiding principles of the the 19th National Congress of the CPC, keep in mind the Party's founding mission, carry out in depth the proposition of "from the masses, to the masses" and let the masses participate more in Party building activities.

The Party Knowledge Contest combined theoretical knowledge learning with lively form of competition. Through lively activities, the contest allowed Party members to review the history of the Party in a relaxed atmosphere, deepened their understanding of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and interiorized the knowledge on Party building. In the meantime, the contest further strengthened Party member's awareness of keeping in mind the Party's founding mission, putting theoretical knowledge into practice, better giving play to the pioneer and model role of Party members and working with an even more active attitude and full spirit.