China Hi-Tech Group "Educational Charity Campaign to Promote Teenager Reading" Moving Book Fair Held in Kechun Community, Zhongguancun, Haidian District
发布者:亚博体育注册链接 2019/07/11

On July 11, China Hi-Tech Group "Educational Charity Campaign to Promote Teenager Reading" Moving Book Fair was held on the square of Kechun Community, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing. The book fair displayed books and demonstrated an intelligent CPR teaching robot to community residents and teenagers. "To help the poor, we should help them build ideology and confidence first; to help the poor, we must help them improve education". Children are our hope in the future. Making good education available for children with economic difficulties is an important task of poverty alleviation work and also an important means to stop intergenerational poverty transmission. The " Educational Charity Campaign to Promote Teenager Reading ", jointly guided by the Office of the Leading Group for Beijing Reading Season - Shuxiang China, and the International Poverty Reduction Center in China and organized by China Hi-Tech Group, aims to assist in promoting poverty alleviation and give play to the knowledge carrier's role of the national reading campaign


(Picture: Scenes of the Moving Book Fair in the community)

On the square of Kechun Community in Zhongguancun, the " Educational Charity Campaign to Promote Teenager Reading" Moving Book Fair exhibited a variety of books, including science, story, literature and picture books, attracting a lot of community residents and teenagers to stop and read. In the form of community welfare, the activity has created a good cultural atmosphere, encouraged teenagers to read books, especially good ones and in a wise manner and strengthened nationwide reading awareness. In the meantime, community volunteers organized a story-telling session themed by "Read Kechun, Broaden the Horizon, Gain the Wisdom". The session, through story sharing and fun games, interpreted stories and interacted with children on the scene. Children actively participated in the on-site book donation. They donated their books to children living in poverty-stricken mountainous areas, hoping to pass love through reading, share educational resources and help teenagers who live in mountainous areas in growth and study.

(Picture: Children donated books for " Educational Charity Campaign to Promote Teenager Reading ")

The intelligent CPR teaching robot displayed on the site and attracted a lot of community residents and teenagers. The professional staff patiently explained how to use the robot, demonstrated CPR techniques and guided audiences to practice, teaching first aid knowledge and helping them strengthen the skills to help themselves and others. The intelligent CPR teaching robot is a medical education product developed by Guangxi Yingteng Education & Technology   Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Hi-Tech Group. By making full of advanced AI technology, it can precisely capture the pressing situation during use, give prompt feedback, make corrections intelligently, and help users master basic CPR operation in 5 minutes.

(Picture: Demonstration & interaction with the intelligent CPR teaching robot)

China Hi-Tech Group is an A-share listed company with a university background and a focus on the education field. Adhering to the public benefit idea of "Shouldering Responsibility of Protection and Offering Education with Affection ", China Hi-Tech Group continuously fulfills corporate and social responsibilities. Through the "Educational Charity Campaign to Promote Teenager Reading", China Hi-Tech Group hopes to explore the way to allow children in all places to fairly enjoy better education opportunities, and so as to create an in-depth, comprehensive reading environment for children in poverty-stricken areas through book donation, on-site expert guidance and public benefit reading class donation. In the meantime, China Hi-Tech Group attaches great importance to the innovation in educational modes and methods, hopes to give full play to own educational resources and platform advantages gather forces from all sectors of society, make contributions and work together, so as to promote the balanced development of education and the realization of equal access to education and contribute to the development of the education course of China.