Zhu Yiran, Interim President of China Hi-Tech Group, and Lan Tao, Vice President of China Hi-Tech Group, Visited Shenzhen Shanyou Group
发布者:亚博体育注册链接 2019/07/12

On July 12, at the invitation of Zhengweining Charity Foundation and Shenzhen Shanyou Holdings Group Limited (“Shanyou Group”), Zhu Yiran, Interim President of China Hi-Tech Group, and Lan Tao, Vice President of China Hi-Tech Group, accompanied by Liu Guocheng, General Manager of Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industry Limited, visited Shanyou Group and exchanged views on projects of high-tech training and employment of the disabled with Zheng Weining, Chairman of Zhengweining Charity Foundation, and Gu Qingzhu, President of Shanyou Group.

Mr. Gu Qingzhu briefed visitors on the relevant background. Canyou Group, namely Shenzhen Canyou Group Company, was founded in 1997 by Mr. Zheng Weining, who, being a patient of severe hemophilia then, intended to build a “new life” and seek employment options for the disabled; having such an aspiration, he established Canyou Group in conjunction with other 5 disabled persons. At present, Canyou Group has 1 charity foundation, 14 non-profit organizations and 40 high-tech public enterprises. And it has secured the employment of several thousand disabled individuals. Shanyou Group, founded in 2009, has been committed to cooperating with Fortune 500 companies and leading enterprises in the industry in solving the problems of employment for disadvantaged groups. Zhengweining Charity Foundation was founded in 2009 by Zheng Weining, Founder of Canyou Group, with his donation. Zhengweining Charity Foundation, Canyou Group and Shanyou Group make a concerted effort: Zhengweining Charity Foundation offers charity support to Canyou Group and Shanyou Group; Canyou Group lends Shanyou Group support in industrial and human resources; Shanyou Group provides Canyou Group with capitals and employment platforms. They jointly address the employment of the disabled. Shanyou Group boasts high-caliber professionals, skilled personnel, and projects on the cooperation with Alibaba in the export of human resources.

Guided by relevant leaders of Shanyou Group, Ms. Zhu Yiran and Mr. Lan Tao visited Shenzhen Canyou Zhijian Limited, a subsidiary of Shanyou Group, and watched relevant visuals. After gaining an understanding of the background and strategic businesses of China Hi-Tech Group, the said leaders discussed the employment and training of the disabled, and such businesses as big data and software technology.

Mr. Gu Qingzhu remarked that, according to relevant figures, the subsidiaries of Shanyou Group need another nearly 600,000 talented individuals for its business of BIM, and the current training mode of Shanyou Group, namely masters’ helping and leading apprentices, could not meet such shortage. Shanyou Group was seeking cooperation with leading training providers to set up a formal training system, on-site training bases and remote training platforms. Mr. Zheng Weining also talked with two leaders of China Hi-Tech Group about the development of Zhengweining Charity Foundation and Shanyou Group. Deeply impressed by Mr. Zheng Weining’s perseverance, conscientiousness, and selfless devotion to philanthropic undertakings, Ms. Zhu Yiran further remarked that China Hi-Tech Group would take account of business progress, explore the possibilities for closer cooperation with Shanyou Group, and anticipate collaboration on projects.