China Hi-Tech Group Organized Events for the Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou
发布者:亚博体育注册链接 2019/07/15

Recently, the 2019 (11th) Venture Week for International Elites in Suzhou (the “Venture Week”) was formally opened in the Suzhou International Expo Center, while China Hi-Tech Jiangsu Education Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Hi-Tech Group, organized the New Technology and Product Launch Conference (the “Launch Conference”) with the theme of “We’re Shaping a Sustainable Future”, which has been one of the major events of this Venture Week.

The Venture Week is a platform specially built by CPC Suzhou Municipal Committee and Suzhou Municipal Government for the introduction of highly talented individuals, and the exchange of resources of innovation and entrepreneurship. Since 2009, the Venture Week, with the theme of “Gathering Global Wisdom and Creating a Business Paradise”, has been held for ten consecutive sessions, and established as an important platform for Suzhou to attract high-caliber talents and high-quality projects, thereby playing an essential role in contributing to the transformation, upgrading, and innovation in Suzhou.

Embracing the theme of “We’re Shaping a Sustainable Future”, the Launch Conference organized by China Hi-Tech Group has been designed to accelerate the commercialization and application of innovation results. The Launch Conference made use of the Competitive Business Cultivating Program during the Venture Week to facilitate enterprises’ development of new products and new technologies. New products were solicited from the four leading industries, such activities as on-line promotion, product show, and trial of products, were organized, and 101 types of products are named as “Suzhou Innovation 101” and released in a concentrated manner, with the aim of helping industrial chains and businesses better connected with talented people and innovation advances.

Ten high-tech enterprises, whose business covered five fields including new energy, new material, modern agriculture, biotechnology and new medicine & pharmaceuticals, software and integrated circuit, were invited to the Launch Conference. They conducted activities with the themes of “Shaping a Controlled Future with Intelligence” and “Shaping a Sustainable Future with Innovation” respectively at the main venue of this Venture week, where their latest scientific research results were presented through lectures and interaction with the audience. With respect to the 101 high-tech products, the numbers of votes from the two-week on-line poll and the scores by experts were given the same weight to determine the winners of the Audience Choice Award, the Best Technology Award and the Best Breakthrough Award, which were bestowed on the corresponding enterprises at the Launch Conference.

The Launch Conference, which spotlighted innovations at the main venue of the Venture Week, was a platform for high-tech enterprises to show and promote their products, technologies and brand images. As the organizer of this event, China Hi-Tech Group pooled marketing and industrial channel resources necessary for high-tech enterprises, facilitated marketing to consummate the smiling curve for the government’s talent-related services, and assisted the government in forming an industrial service chain integrating talents, projects, vehicles, capitals, and market, and improving the environment for entrepreneurship in Suzhou.

After being included in the national strategy, the integrated and high-quality development of the Yangtze River Delta would progress at an even faster pace. China Hi-Tech Group will leverage its advantages in industry integration, innovation in science and education, and application of scientific and technological advances, actively participate in the integrated and high-quality development of the G60 (the Shanghai–Kunming Expressway) Technology and Innovation Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta, promote the greater integration of innovation and the industrial chain, assist local governments in improving their service systems for innovation and entrepreneurship, and help small and medium-sized innovative enterprises to grow faster by resource empowerment.