China Hi-Tech Group and Qilu University of Technology cooperate in offering training courses at Shandong Base for the Cultivation of Artificial Intelligence Talent and the first session begins
发布者:亚博体育注册链接 2019/07/15

China Hi-Tech Group and Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) are cooperating in offering training courses at the Shandong Base for the Cultivation of Artificial Intelligence Talent; on July 15, the ceremony for the beginning of the first session was held in the lecture hall of the library of Qilu University of Technology. Yiran Zhu, Interim President of China Hi-Tech Group, Minglei Shu, Deputy Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, and three leaders of the School of Mathematics and Statistics of Shandong Academy of Sciences, namely Qingwen Che, Secretary of Party Branch, Jinhong Li, Dean, and Ruxiu Li, Associate Dean, attended the ceremony. Qingwen Che presided over the ceremony, and 38 students of the AI+ Special Class of Qilu Talent School (the "Special Class") took part in the ceremony.



Yiran Zhu introduced the attendees to China Hi-Tech Group and emphasized that, "with the integration between industry & education and the joint development of new engineering industry colleges" being a major business, China Hi-Tech Group, which aspired to become a leading provider of engineering education in the world, would focus on pooling resources for the programs covered by the integration between industry and education, and certified by the engineering education accreditation standard, plan systems, courses and resources in a systematic manner, establish an end-to-end closed-loop OBE model for the cultivation of talent, and multilevel alliances between schools and enterprises in many fields for win-win cooperation.

With respect to industry-education integration, considerable efforts are devoted to big data and artificial intelligence. For the two orientations, China Hi-Tech Group is promoting the education of people in three ways: First, the Group is tapping industry resources for synergy in education; in addition to enrich resources from institutions of higher learning as its shareholders, the Group maintains a partnership with many famous Internet enterprises. Second, it is establishing industry-oriented program clusters; following the trend and demand of the industry, it highlights the integration between sectors, organizes clusters of programs of strategic emerging industries, moves faster to train urgently needed talented individuals for emerging areas. Third, it is facilitating joint development and management for integration of functions; it strengthens the collaboration with schools on defining training objectives and plans, and works with schools in developing courses, establishing internship and training bases, training teachers, and conducting research.



Then, Dean Jinhong Li stated the importance of the School of Mathematics and Statistics' developing the orientation of artificial intelligence, and emphasized the School's demand for the education of students in the Special Class. When commenting on the effective cooperation with China Hi-Tech Group for the teaching and training in terms of the orientation of artificial intelligence to meet the requirements for the engineering education based training, Jinhong Li expressed her full approval and expectation, intended to promote greater cooperation, convert high-quality social education resources into high-quality schooling resources, train urgently needed, high-caliber talents for the society and the era of artificial intelligence, thereby exploring new modes and ways for the education and training of people jointly by schools and enterprises.


In the concluding remark, Secretary Qingwen Che stated that the Academy and its leadership paid great attention to the Special Class, set up a "summer school" for the Special Class to enable students to join teams and research groups, and conduct laboratory works so as to broaden their horizons and increase their competence. He raised detailed demands on students' learning, and hoped that this subject training would be a major event for the 38 students of the first "summer school" as part of the Special Class, and effectively enhance students' ability to innovate and put ideas into practice.


At the end of the ceremony, Yiran Zhu and Minglei Shu presented school things to the 38 students as an encouragement to them to grasp the opportunities of study and strive to be talents.


To fully implement the Several Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Deepening Integration of Industries and Education, and the Three-Year Action Plan for Promoting the Development of the New-Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry (2018-2020), Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) initiated the establishment of the Shandong Base for the Cultivation of Artificial Intelligence Talent to leverage the technological advantage and leading role of artificial intelligence in a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, and is accelerating major projects on the transformation of the drivers of growth across Shandong, cultivating strength for high-quality economic development, and perfecting the clusters of artificial intelligence programs among institutions of higher learning in Shandong. China Hi-Tech Group will make full use of its advantage in industrial integration and the orientations including artificial intelligence and big data, cooperate with Shandong Academy of Sciences in promoting the establishment of training systems, the introduction of teachers and teaching, and boost the cultivation of talent in quantity and quality.